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SubstationAisleWorkshop entranceAdministrative office areaWorkshop groundCanteen restaurant matStairsLocker RoomFactory entrance and exitPackaging and delivery areaEquipment maintenance areaWarehouseProduction area (dry / wet area)LoungeRestroomTesting laboratoryOfficeOffice area entrance and exitCanteen machinery and equipment aroundHeavy machinery passageEquipment tool areaOthers
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NBRMicrofiberCottonRubber floor matAluminum alloy floor matPVC floor matPPChemical FiberOthers
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non-slipWarning functionInsulation floor matAntistaticAnti-fatigue floor matSlow vibration MatsSnow Heating MatsWelcome MatSafety LOGOWaterproof Load-bearing seismic applicationAdvertising logo matFlooring ProtectionWater & Oil AbsorptionDust ControlOil resistant floor mat

Feature Articles

  • Pressure sensing safety mat

    Pressure sensing safety mat

  • Wella™ Non- Slip Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Wella™ Non- Slip Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Akon™--Entrance Mat

    Akon™--Entrance Mat

  • Ada™ Super Oil-Resistant Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Ada™ Super Oil-Resistant Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Absorpa™ ultimate choice of the raining!

    Absorpa™ ultimate choice of the raining!

  • I-SAFE Cusion™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

    I-SAFE Cusion™ Anti-Fatigue Mat


As a leader in the field of industrial safety mats in the country, I-SAFE has continuously increased its investment in product R&D over the years. In addition to setting up product development and quality inspection laboratories, it has continuously obtained various types of functions and designs for ground safety products. The national patent mainly includes a number of product invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. At the same time, I-SAFE also cooperates with internationally renowned independent third-party testing institutions to conduct third-party testing on the performance of most products to ensure the products performance!

  • 舒能双层耐磨抗疲劳地垫实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2016 2 0766571.0
    name:Double wear-resistant anti-fatigue mats utility model patents

  • 舒克外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2015 3 0516060.4
    name:Design patent

  • 安达实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2015 2 0642439.4
    name:Utility model patents

  • 洛克外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2013 3 0561167.1
    name:Design patent

  • 卫洁尿斗垫实用新型专利

    No:ZL 2016 2 0290098.3
    name:Urine pad utility model patents

  • 凯顿外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2015 3 0440827.X
    name:Picardo design patent

  • 洛克经济型疏水防滑垫外观设计专利

    No:ZL 2016 3 0292159.5
    name:Ultrablock™ economic non-slip mat design patent


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